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John Torjo

Author of Cinematic Studio
Author of Cinematic Studio C#/C++ Expert I think Microsoft is its own worst enemy.

Looking for feedback on Text Char-by-char feature - part 2

Hi guys!
So, it took me quite a while to make a promotion to the feature, as per what Xavier mentioned - had quite a few more stuff to implement.
But, without further ado, here it is:
 I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

P.S. I'm still not 100% happy with how it came out, but I had to launch it, I was going crazy 😎😁

Looking for feedback on Text char-by-char animations feature

Hi guys,

I've recently implemented something that I think is beyond cool :
Looking for you opinions - someone seeing this for the first time - would (s)he be impressed? How can I improve it?

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I'm John, building Cinematic Studio👋

Hi everyone!
I'm John Torjo, author of Cinematic Studio -- video editing. Dead simple. Dead fast!

I've pretty much worked my ass off for the last roughly 3 years to make this as easy and fast as possible. I've soft launched it mid may (namely: right now, the payment part is working perfectly, and most of the features are there).

Clearly, I can code like a wizard, but on the marketing side, I'm the opposite of a wizard😁

My current troubles:
  • Finding the right users - namely, I've been told I should focus on beginners/intermediate video editors. I'd like to take this even further -- tweak my app for busy entrepreneurs, for creating product videos and social media videos. 
  • Converting users into paying customers. I get roughly 25-30 new signups per day from Google Ads. These are searches more or less related to "video editing / video editor"

To be clear, my app is an **insanely powerful** video editor. And a few more killer features are coming.

Should I target this at busy entrepreneurs at first, or at beginner/intermediate video editors?
Converting users into paying customers -- what I doing wrong? Should I try other channels as well?
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