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Launched Wordblot on AppSumo

Hello there Makers!
If you’re looking for an insane deal on an AI writing tool, go over to AppSumo and you’ll get a year of Wordblot ($288) for $49. If you don’t think the deal is for you, please Tweet / FB / IG / etc for coverage. Looking to make a big splash, so the more eyeballs I can get the better.

I appreciate you all!
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Can I get some love on a Reddit post?

I created a Reddit post and would love any love that you can provide. Positive relevant comments would be best, but I’ll settle for an upvote 😀

Thanks makers!
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Looking for some feedback on an updated Wordblot

Hi there - not sure if this is appropriate, maybe #Feedback would be a better place, but this works too.

For the M4M community, if you are willing to provide feedback, I'm willing to give you 6 months free of Wordblot. If you have any form of copywriting, Wordblot can help you write better.

All I ask for is an open channel so that you can provide me with any suggestions to improve the product, the copy, the marketing, etc.
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Shamoon from Wordblot

Hi there everyone!

I’m excited to be a part of the group. I’m the founder of Wordblot.AI, an AI writing tool for bloggers, authors and students. I have reasonably strong tech chops, but need a ton of help with marketing.

The GPT-3 space is a bit crowded, but my main differentiator is using custom models to do highly specific tasks and long form content.

I’m looking forward to learning from everyone here and contributing however I can.
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