PH Launch - Shamelessly asking for support 🙏

Hey M4M,

I'm launching a free resource that I made: a collection of 100+ high performing tweets by makers and founders just like us.

The idea is that it's super hard to build a Twitter audience, so we might as well see what's working and how we can learn from it.

It's live on Product Hunt and the name is "Maker Swipe File".

I'm currently at #1st spot but pretty scared the US-based big company is going to pass in front of me 😂

Any support is appreciated ->

Thanks a lot 🙏
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Tibo from Pony Express 👋

Hey, glad I've joined! I am Tibo, one of the 2 people behind Pony Express. We're trying to build stuff for makers and especially to help them reach more customers. 

I am mostly a tech person who builds stuff fast. The problems come with distribution which is always a big struggle. 

I wish I can learn here about it thanks to all of you. 
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