Building 6 projects in 6 months

New Sections!

Hey there, 

I just made some changes in the Marketing Strategies section!

  • You will now find a Tactics channel where you can ask for general tips/advice about marketing
  • There is also a new Landing Page Feedback section as it seems to be a regular pain for all of us!   
  • The "Online communities" are still there, it's a place to post everything related to Reddit/IH/HN and social media.  
Hope it will be easier for you to use!
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Accountability channel?

Hey there!

I know marketing or sales can be super hard to plan and to stick to - especially when you're busy building. 

Do you feel like you need an accountability channel to help you? It can be a daily stand-up, a weekly call, etc…     

Let me know! 
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Hey, I'm Xavier, creator of M4M!

Hey there! I'm super happy to have you here, welcome to the Marketing for Makers community!

→ Start by introducing yourself and what you’re creating in #introductions.

I'm Xavier, I'm an indie hacker for years and I just finished the challenge of building and sell 6 products in 6 months! During these months I realized that selling/marketing is really the hardest part. That's why I decided to create M4M 😍

Here is an overview of the community:


  • Introduction - Introduce yourself to the community and let us know what challenge you're facing right now!
  • Announcements - Follow this channel to get all the news related to this community
  • Self Promotion - You launched something? Show it to us here!
  • Suggestions & Feedback - Let me know how I can improve M4M 

Marketing Strategies

You have a specific question about how to use Twitter or any other acquisition channel? Post your question in the dedicated section! 

Pro Section

That's the private forums for the members. 
  •  Get Help is where you can post an issue you're facing and get help from M4M
  •  Knowledge base - Every valuable piece of content will be stored here to be easily found by the community! 

Talk to you all soon!
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